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About Us

In 2019 harmlesscoin started as a project on the Ethereum blockchain. Started as a small project, harmlesscoin is gaining popularity. With this in mind we moved over to the Cardano blockchain in 2021, to archive our goals and to be ready for the future.

  • harmlesscoin want to be high degrees of decentralization and security
  • harmlesscoin want to be green: Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work
  • harmlesscoin chooses the Cardano blockchain for low energy, low transaction fees, fully decentralization, security and scalability

Governance token

registered in Cardano token registry
details on cardanoscan.io and details on pool.pm

Questions about the governance token

  • Because they are the harbinger of ultimate decentralization. There is no mining involved, and the decision-making process is limited only to those who are quite literally invested in a platform. Think of it as shareholders who reap the benefits of a businesses’ success. The company can only succeed if those involved are financially incentivized to push the entire project forward.

  • Public distribution is not available yet, expect early 2022.

  • Ticker: HARM
    Total supply: 100,000,000
    Maximum supply: 100,000,000
    Decimal Point: 0
    Type: Native token on the Cardano blockchain
    Policy ID: b38d94e35b3e638dce7e5e0b0aeebcbe06987a118b46d3d4c042c8c2

  • Co-founders & team: 25%
    Operation fund: 10%
    Charity fund: 20%
    Public distribution (Airdrop/Exchanges): 45%


Stake Pool


the harmlesscoin team consists of highly motivated and skilled individuals of various disciplines who are responsible for working towards
the continued development and growth of harmlesscoin.


Project Lead


Project Member



Want to be part of the harmlesscoin team?

We always looking for fresh project members to archive our goals!

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